Structural Drying Process in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

Structural Drying in Cincinnati

When water intrudes or overflows your home or business, Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration has IICRC-certified restoration specialists who will inspect, classify and categorize your damage, provide an estimate, and begin the water extraction and structural drying process. Based on the class of water damage and sanitary level of the water, we determine the most suitable water extraction, structural drying, and restoration process for you.

Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration will work closely with your insurance service provider to help you avoid claim hassles and excessive paperwork. For thorough, dependable structural drying and restoration assessment, call Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration at 513-463-1797, or visit us online. We are available for customers throughout our Greater Cincinnati service area.

Structural Drying Process by Teasdale

Teasdale's Structural Drying Process

After water damage, the process of structural drying can differ by surface. But typically, the method includes:

  • Water Extraction: Excess water is pumped away or removed.
  • Evaporation: After standing water is extracted, surfaces remain wet. High-powered fans increase airflow to enhance evaporation.
  • Dehumidification: Excess air moisture is removed. Without this, water can be absorbed into other materials, causing further concern.
  • Temperature Management: Warmer air evaporates moisture quicker. Uniform temperature makes structural drying more effective.

Let Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration Restore Your Water Damaged Property in Cincinnati & Dayton

Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration restores all types of water damage. If you need restoration in HigginsportKentonMartinsvilleOregoniaPeebles, or anywhere throughout our Greater Cincinnati service area, don't hesitate to call 513-463-1797. Contact us online to schedule an appointment today to learn more about structural drying.

At Teasdale Fenton Cleaning & Property Restoration, Our Services Include:

  • 24/7 response times
  • IICRC-certified & background checked crews
  • 3-year warranties on all work performed
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