Disaster Restoration in Cincinnati, OH

For over 15 years, Teasdale Fenton Restoration has been a trusted name in the restoration industry throughout DaytonHamiltonMiddletown and more cities in our Cincinnati service area. As a locally owned and operated company, we bring a wealth of professional experience to every project. We ensure top-quality restoration services you can depend on.

In the aftermath of any disaster, our IICRC-certified technicians are here to restore the integrity of your home with efficiency and care. Available 24/7, we respond promptly to your emergency needs, helping you reclaim peace and normality in your life. Why wait any longer? Contact us or dial 513-463-1797 to learn more. 

We Serve: Other Restoration Services After a Disaster 

Dealing with the aftermath of floods, storms, earthquakes, and other disasters can be daunting. When confronted with these challenges, you can count on Teasdale Fenton Restoration to initiate your disaster restoration, damage remediation, and recovery. Our expertise includes:

  • Water Damage Restoration: Our team works so hard to restore your damaged property due to water intrusion. This can occur from natural sources like floods and heavy rain or from man-made sources such as burst pipes, leaks, or sewage backups. 
  • Fire Damage Restoration: Our technicians will clean, repair, and restore the damaged fire. The process aims to mitigate the effects of fire, smoke, and soot while restoring the home or business. We will also make sure that the property is secure to prevent further damage from weather or vandalism.
  • Storm & Flood Damage Restoration: Our storm damage restoration involves repairing and restoring properties damaged by severe weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and heavy storms. We will mitigate water damage caused by wind, rain, hail, and other storm-related elements.
  • Construction Services: It encompasses a wide range of building and renovation activities. That is why you need professionals like us for construction, remodeling, additions, and repairs. We will coordinate all aspects of the construction process, including subcontractors, schedules, and budgets.

Our Post-Disaster Cleanup for Residential and Commercial Property

Natural disasters like storms and tornadoes can wreak havoc, leaving behind a trail of destruction. When the dust settles, the path to recovery needs to start with timely disaster cleanup; that's where Teasdale Fenton Restoration comes in. We are serving the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area with the help of our trusted partners in restoring order after chaos. Our expert team swiftly and safely clears storm debris and loose building materials, paving the way for your property's restoration. With Teasdale Fenton Restoration, you can count on a smooth transition from disaster to a normal state. 

Step-by-Step Disaster Restoration Process

  • Initial Assessment & Inspection: Upon receiving your call, our team promptly assesses the damage. Our process involves a thorough inspection to determine the extent of the damage and to develop an appropriate action plan.
  • Water Removal & Drying: For water damage, our team will quickly remove standing water using pumps and vacuums. We will set up dehumidifiers and air movers to dry out the affected areas. 
  • Demolition & Debris Removal: If necessary, damaged materials such as drywall, flooring, and carpets are removed. This step is crucial in preventing further structural damage and mold infestation.
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing: Our expert will thoroughly clean and sanitize the area to remove contaminants. This step is particularly important for fire and mold damage restoration.
  • Restoration and Repair: The final step involves repairing and restoring the property to its pre-disaster condition. This may include rebuilding walls, installing new flooring, and painting.

Insurance Claim Assistance for Disaster Restoration

Our insurance claim assistance for disaster restoration service is designed to support you through every step of the insurance claim process following a disaster. We work closely with you to document damages, compile necessary paperwork, and communicate with insurance adjusters to ensure a smooth and efficient claim process. Our experienced team is dedicated to maximizing your claim benefits and expediting the restoration of your property. We try to provide peace of mind during a challenging time.

Why Teasdale Professionals for Disaster Restoration?

Teasdale Fenton Restoration stands out for its exceptional commitment to swift, comprehensive recovery solutions. Our team of certified experts uses cutting-edge technology and proven techniques to handle a wide range of disasters, from water and fire damage to mold remediation. We prioritize customer satisfaction through personalized service, 24/7 availability, and meticulous attention to detail. We ensure properties are restored to their pre-disaster condition with minimal disruption. With years of experience and a strong reputation in the industry, Teasdale Professionals is a trusted partner for effective and efficient disaster restoration.

Call Us Now for Disaster Restoration!

At Teasdale Fenton Restoration, we understand the importance of speedy response when it comes to disaster restoration. We encourage you to reach out to us immediately when you need any type of restoration work. Our additional services are water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, storm & flood damage restoration, and more. To get more information about our restoration services, please call 513-463-1797 or Contact Us