Flooded Basement Restoration in Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

For flooded basements after a storm, major appliance leak or other water-related disaster, you need the fastest cleanup available to start your recovery and restoration. Flooded basement damage can be significant for residential or commercial properties in Aberdeen, Addyston, Alexandria and throughout our Cincinnati service area, especially if rot, mold, mildew, foundation issues or other damage begin to set in.

For quick water extraction and drying services for flooded basements, the best solution in Greater Cincinnati is Teasdale Restoration. We are your long-time provider of residential and commercial restoration and recovery, especially for water damage repairs. Don't delay with a flooded basement. Call 513-463-1797 to learn more about our services.

Teasdale is Best Solution For Flooded Cincinnati Basements

Here are several reasons you need Teasdale Restoration for flooded basement cleanup and restoration: 

Why Do You Need a Professional Restoration Service of Flooded Basement
  • Weakened walls & foundation: A solid basement is the space between your home and foundation. If it's weakened by flood, or water damage makes the foundation susceptible to cracks or movement, the entire home can be compromised.
  • Mold risk: A damp basement is a potential mold source. Health risks result from mold and mildew, and a professional such as Teasdale Restoration can address mold remediation.
  • Electrical problems: A flooded basement can result in electrical mishaps. Seek water extraction, drying and cleanup services right away.
  • Critter issues: Damp or flooded basements can draw rodents, snakes, raccoons or other varmints. Water extraction & drying (and perhaps an exterminator) are vital for this reason..

Trust Teasdale For Flooded Basement Restoration in Cincinnati & Dayton

Teasdale Restoration is your long-time, superior solution for flooded basement restoration services, as well as appliance leak cleanup and clogged drain overflow in Arnelia, Aurora, Batavia and throughout our Cincinnati service area. If you need help for a flooded or wet basement from storms, appliance leaks or other disasters, call 513-463-1797 or contact us online.