Kitchen Sink Overflow Cleanup and Repair Service in Ohio

Kitchen sink are the most heavily used fittings in your home, they collect wastes in bulk, making the drains in kitchen sinks highly prone to blocks and the kitchen sink pipes to clogs and leaks. Overtime without professional cleanup and repair service, kitchen sinks will overflow.

At Teasdale Fenton Columbus, we provide greatest quality kitchen sink overflow cleanup and repair service in Ohio. We have an IICRC certified team are deeply knowledgeable and thoroughly experienced in this line of service and our company works with most insurance companies. This makes us financially and service quality wise your best choice. Call us at 513-463-1797. We offer our services in Lynx, Madeira and several other local service areas all over Ohio.

Wastes to Avoid Throwing in Your Kitchen Sink to Avoid Overflow

  • Tea bags: tea bags are made of non decomposable material which means one the accumulate inside the drainage pipe they will sit there for ever creating clogs overtime, eventually.  
  • Egg shells: Egg shells mix with viscous kitchen liquids like cooking oils and form a thick sludge that create clogs in the pipe. 
  • viscous cooking liquids: viscous liquids act as a glue for all wastes which accumulate and build up clogs, resulting in sewer overflows, which result in kitchen sink overflow. 
  • Tissues: Tissues similar to tea bags are non decomposable, so they accumulate in the sewer if disposed in kitchen sinks, forming pipe clogs and then kitchen sink overflow. 
  • Medication: Medications like tablets and capsules with plastic shells if disposed in kitchen sinks are a fast paced path to clogged pipes resulting in kitchen sink overflow.

Contact Teasdale Fenton Overflow for Kitchen Sink Overflow Cleanup Service 

We have been providing kitchen sink overflow cleanup service in Ohio for over one and a half decade. Our work quality over this time has been positively reviewed by our clients which you can see on our website before choosing us. Reach us at our contact us page here. We provide our services in Latonia, Kenton and several other local service centers all over Ohio