Superior Water Extraction across Cincinnati & Dayton, OH

Having to face water damage situations is a destructive thing to deal with. Whether it's from sewage backup, plumbing leaks, flooding, and natural disasters, flooding from water damage is one of the most devastating and catastrophic events for a property owner. That's why water extraction is crucial in these cases. It is the process used to remove excess or standing water from your home or property.

Teasdale Fenton Restoration is there to your rescue with state-of-the-art hydro extreme water extraction from sewage to any flood damage situations. Our IICRC-certified technicians are always there to assist you 24/7 with emergency water extraction service. Have faith in Teasdale Fenton Restoration for excellent water damage restoration services for residential or commercial properties in Aberdeen, Addyston, Alexandria, and throughout our Cincinnati service area. Contact us NOW at 513-463-1797 or simply click here to get our assistance.

Importance of Water Extraction after Water Damage

Various different reasons can cause water damage and if it's due to sewage leakage or flooding then it's a severe pain in the neck. That's why an emergency response is needed. Also, water extraction after a water-damage flooding situation is required to prevent potential health risks, mold damage removal, stains, odor, and pest infestations.

At Teasdale Fenton Restoration, we understand the severity of the disaster and our top-rated industry service for water extraction and cleanup is sure to give you the prompt response and desired satisfaction you seek for. We also make sure to eradicate hidden water in building materials. You can be sure your home to be odor free and without any structural damage.

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If you are ever in need of water extraction services in Cincinnati, OH, Don't hesitate to contact Teasdale Fenton Restoration for an industry-leading water extraction service. For over 15 years, we have earned a name for quality and customer service. We are locally owned and operated and we provide insurance assistance. We will help you with water pipe break, appliance leak cleanup, floor water damage, and a flooded basement.

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