Locate Wall Leaks with Teasdale Restoration in Ohio

You can’t hear or see water leaks inside your wall. If left undetected, it can be severely damaged, as well as floors and ceilings. A water leak inside your home's walls creates a wet environment, which develops mold and rots wood. In case of any kind of water damage, fast action is essential. Therefore, you need a restoration company who can find your wall's leaks with the right kind of experience and equipment as well as technology.  Teasdale Fenton Restoration is your go-to company for water damage restoration services with proper inspection for finding leaks inside walls. We provide services in Aberdeen, Batavia, Lynchburg, Mason, California, Camden, and other areas of the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio service area. Call us today at 513-463-1797 to get a free estimate and allow us to start the restoration work right away.

The Causes of Water Leakage in Your Walls

brick wall water leak
  • Natural Wear and Tear: Natural Wear and Tear Houses age and the components inside them do as well. That implies that as the months and years pass, your plumbing system will gradually deteriorate.
  • Your Pipes Have Too Much Frozen Water: There's a reason why home repair professionals recommend inspecting your heating system and insulating your pipes before the winter season begins. The freezing temperatures that become the norm at that time of year can cause havoc with your plumbing system, especially the pipes. During the winter, water in your pipes is more likely to freeze. When that happens, the ice may become too much for your pipes to handle. This could lead to the formation of cracks.
  • Clogging in the Pipes: Various materials may fall into your pipes over a period of several months. The most common causes are smaller leaves and twigs. Those little things will usually flow through your pipes without causing any problems. However, in some situations, they may become stuck in your pipes, causing clogs. A blockage can cause water to pool in one area, increasing strain on the pipes. High water pressure, like too much ice, can create cracks.
  • High Water Pressure: Your water pressure may arise for a variety of reasons, including clogs. You may have increased the water pressure when power-washing a section of your home. You might have also neglected to return it to normal after you're done. Exposing your pipes to high water pressure on a regular basis will quickly cause permanent damage. To be safe, check your water pressure on a regular basis.

Some of the water damage restoration services we offer include Appliance leak clean-upClogged drain overflowDehumidification, and Burst pipes repair. Call us today at 513-463-1797 or contact us online to reach us.