Sump Pump Overflow Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

What Causes Your Sump Pump to Overflow? 

  • An electrical power outage, while your sump pump is working, may cause it to overflow. The rain keeps on coming, but your sump pump isn’t working anymore to pump the water away, resulting in an overflow. A battery backup can be installed so that your sump pump continues to work when you need it the most.
  • A sump pump failure will also cause your pump to work ineffectively causing water to overflow. 
  • The lack of annual maintenance will allow room for more failure and undetected problems that will rise up during rainfall when your sump pump cannot effectively pump the water away.

Trust Teasdale Restoration for Fixing Sump Pump Overflowing Problems

A sump pump usually overflows during heavy rainfall and you might require immediate assistance handling the situation. This is why Teasdale Restoration offers 24/7 response time for emergency services. Our IICRC certified water damage specialists will evaluate the main problem and work swiftly to fix it. 

We are a fully licensed and assured water damage restoration company serving the Greater Cincinnati region for the last two decades. We have been rated A-star by the BBB for our excellence in quality service. Our team of experienced professionals has dealt with sump pump overflows and other water damage scenarios for years. We can help you in the most affordable way possible to get your problems fixed. We are serving 24/7/365 across Erlanger, Middletown, Okeana, Dayton, and more areas across Cincinnati, OH.

Give us a call today at 513-463-1797 for professional assistance regarding your sump pump overflow.

Why Trust Teasdale Restoration

  • 24/7 Response Times
  • IICRC Certified
  • Background Tested
  • Locally Owned & Operated
  • Licensed & Insured
  • 3-Year Warranty on All Work Performed

How You Can Prevent Sump Pump Overflow & Water Damage

Battery Backup

A backup battery installed in your sump pump will benefit you in times of a power outage. Your sump pump will have the ability to continue functioning and pumping water out even when there is no electrical power, keeping your home safe.

Basement Waterproofing

A proper basement waterproofing system will prevent the overflowing water from causing extensive damage to the surroundings. We have excellent solutions for tackling wet basement problems and keep your home safe from water damage.