Foundation Crack Repair in Greater Cincinnati, OH

As time goes on, homes age and may begin to form cracks ranging from small minor ones to large cracks that cannot be ignored. Typically, if a crack is wider than 45-degree it means your house is in danger. In order to get professional care for your foundation cracks, call Teasdale Restoration at 513-463-1797 TODAY.

We are a locally owned and operated certified water damage restoration company in Greater Cincinnati. For the last two decades, we have been helping homeowners recover from water damage, foundation cracks, and other problems regarding their basement. We are rated A-star by the BBB for our excellence in quality water damage repairs in the past two decades. Additionally, we offer a 3-year warranty on all work performed, so that you can lay back peacefully. 

Our emergency services are available 24/7 across Fairfield, Fort Thomas, Hebron, Burlington, and more throughout Greater Cincinnati, OH.

Types of Foundation Crack You Might Face

Vertical Foundation Cracks

Vertical cracks are a common sighting in basements and are less serious than horizontal ones. Yet, there is a possibility that water might leak from the cracks. To seal them, water-resistant epoxy or polyurethane injection is applied to the cracks. 

Horizontal Foundation Cracks

Horizontal cracks usually indicate structural problems and are mostly due to poorly designed foundations, clogged drains, and excessive hydrostatic pressure from the water outside the foundation wall.

Stair-Step Foundation Cracks

Stair-step cracks are known to be the most dangerous. They are caused during the settlement process. Rainfall may leak uncontrollable water into your basement. Emergency attention might be required and is best to call in professionals.

Basement Floor Cracks

Cracks on the basement floor are another common occurrence. These types of cracks often start at the corner, then slowly spread across the room. On rainy days, water might seep in from the soil underneath and leak through the cracks.

Contact Teasdale Restoration for Professional Foundation Crack Repair 

Foundation cracks may get serious, which is why we are here to help you with a 24/7 response time. Just give us a call at 513-463-1797 and our team of IICRC certified water damage specialists will be on your way!