Garage Fire in Cincinnati, OH

When it comes to garage fires, the news is mixed. These incidents are very infrequent and usually only involve one vehicle. It's horrible news because fire might break out at any time. According to the United States Fire Administration, over 650 parking garage fires occur in the United States each year. The property damage from these occurrences totals $7.6 million each year, with 15 people being injured on average.

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Effective Ways to Prevent Garage Fire

A garage fire can be very disastrous. Here is what you should do to prevent the fire from spreading across the garage-

  • Inspect the design of your garage to ensure it complies with the National Fire Protection Association's Standard for Parking Structures (NFPA 88A).
  • Keep the garage from becoming a storage facility.
  • Apart from automobiles, keep it free of obstructions.
  • Put in place a surveillance system to keep an eye on the parking lot.
  • Put up electronic pay stations and assign employees to patrol the garage and give customer service, as well as to execute security chores and generally keep an eye on things.
Garage Fire

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