Wood Floor Damaged from Leak in Cincinnati, OH

While hardwood floors may seem to be durable, they are often vulnerable to damage caused by pipe leaks, floods, excessive humidity, faulty installation, and unsuitable cleaning techniques. This may result in crowning, cupping, and warping issues that are both costly and difficult to correct.

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Reason for Leakage in Wood Floor

The reasons for leakage in the wood floor could be many. Some of the common reasons are given below:

  • The presence of water on the job site.
  • A moist slab might affect the wood floor.
  • If the floor or the surrounding region has drainage problems, the house may flood.
  • Peaking in the floor may be caused by roof leaks.
  • In the event of a pipe leak, flooding or an increase in the moisture content of wood floors may result.
  • The accumulation of moisture in a home that has been uninhabited for a lengthy period of time without adequate ventilation is also possible.
  • Wooden flooring is also affected by humidity. Summer humidity causes the wood floor to expand, putting strain on the planks and causing them to rise or buckle.
Wood Floor Damaged from Leak

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